Communications Trends in 2014

It’s not surprising that gaining the attention of your target audience in 2014 will be more difficult than before. According to a report by the University of California, San Diego, we are bombarded by 34 billion bits of information each day. That’s a ton of information. If you are anything like me, some you absorb […]

Ethics and belief in the message is why I chose PR

Today, the Dallas chapter of my professional association, the Public Relations Society of America, condemned the actions of Mike Snyder who used fake online profiles to promote an organization he worked as a consultant for, and to attack opponents in a political campaign. Political campaign public relations is not standard PR, yet would bode more […]

New PR campaign takes ObamaCare to the bloggers

In an effort to increase accurate knowledge about the health care reform act, known to many as ObamaCare, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius recruited women to blog about it. At the annual BlogHer conference in Chicago, Sebelius provided more information in an attempt to reach their 92 million combined audience. This is a great strategy for […]

Kathleen Sebelius


Where is the Public Relations Counsel?

The big story in sports this week is the Rutgers coach kicking, hitting, throwing balls and screaming at his players. The video was shown to the world this week but the athletic director saw it months ago and the President of the University heard about it months ago. While nearly everyone is now out, short […]

Marketing College Athletics

Recently, an article focused on making SMU Dallas’ team argues that the new campaign brings together athletics, the school, and the North Texas community, especially as SMU teams make the move into the Big East conference. Colleges across the country should take note. Schools located in large urban areas have more difficulty because there is […]